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What People Are Saying...

"If You Compose It, They Will Sing It" presented by Anthony Femino

"As one of Anthony's student teachers, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand the success of this approach to teaching sight reading. However, attending this workshop was especially informative in that it allowed me to better understand the NYSSMA guidelines and to experience the entire process from the beginning. As a future educator, I just can't wait to start incorporating these sight reading concepts into my own teaching!"
Anissa Tazari, Student Teacher

Music and Dances of South Africa,  presented by Sharon Katz

"I've been teaching for many years, but I continue to come to these wonderful workshops because if I can learn even one new thing, or gain one new idea that I can take back to my students and they get excited and I get excited also, then I shout glory hallelujah!" 
Dr. Sherrie Pratt, Music Teacher PS 30 M

Dr. James Frankel's "Teaching Music in the Cloud"

Having to get up on a Saturday morning the same time as I normally do for school (before the crack of dawn) and braving inevitable subway disruptions and frigid cold temperatures does not make me a happy person. However, I’m glad I did because Dr. James Frankel’s PD presentation on “Teaching Music in the Cloud,” was excellent.  [more]  Dr. Peris Alban

Jim Frankel Workshop

Remember blackboards and textbooks? These old world artifacts still linger nostalgically in many classrooms but, on a gray morning in January, Jim Frankel of MusicFirst hurtled a packed room of educators into a brave new world of music education.  [more] Michaela Harel


On November 16, Dr. Heather Buchanan presented a workshop entitled, “Embodied and Expressive Choral Conducting.”  Dr. Buchanan, professor of music and director of choral activities at Montclair State University in New Jersey, presented... [more] by Quinn McClure

“What is the Sound of Young America"
presented by Traci Hinton Peterson

This workshop brought so much light into the discussions regarding Motown. We first started the workshop by having a small discussion by answering multiple questions that we, the participants, came up with about Motown... [more] by Liban O. Gómez Music teacher to grades: Pre-K through 2nd at C.S. 66 District 12 in the Bronx


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