Innovative Drumming Circle Workshop presented by Mary Knysh April 26, 2014   

Innovative Drum Circles
A Joyful Synthesis of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony!
Presented by Mary Knysh
Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Innovative drum circles offer a joyful synthesis of rhythm, melody and harmony! We begin with ethnic rhythms then add pitched percussion and all instruments as well as vocals to the drum circle format, creating an innovative way to experience and learn melody and harmony through improvisatory rhythmic activities. This workshop is terrific for elementary educators as well as middle and high school instrumental educators and band directors. The tools and concepts shared may easily be adapted for all grade levels. Sequential activities build musical skills and self-expression while incorporating state standards. Mary Knysh is a cutting edge workshop facilitator and trainer; leadership and communications consultant; professional musician; recording artist and author. Mary’s acclaimed facilitator’s guide to group facilitation entitled, “Boom Do Pa,” is a work widely used as a reference text in educational institutions. Mary is a facilitator and instructor for Music for People — an international organization that promotes self-expression through music improvisation, an endorsed drum circle facilitator for Remo Corporation and Rhythm Band Instruments Corporation and an Orff Schulwerk clinician. 


What people are saying...

"What an incredible day! I learned so much at this fun Drum Circle Workshop, and can't wait to share the experience with my students. MEANYC produces such great workshops—so helpful to me professionally, and very enjoyable too! Can't wait for the next one!"

Mary Barnes, NYC