President's Corner - Speaking the Language of "Music"

Speaking the Language of “Music”

This is the time of year when we can see just how much our students can demonstrate a mastery of everything we’ve taught them. One of my sixth grade students raised her hand last week and said, “Mrs. Peltz, the altos are still missing the do-la skip at measure 43 on page 5. Can you go over it again?” Of course I could, that is, once I got over the fact that this young musician was speaking the language of “music.”

I realize that many of you do this everyday and know exactly what I felt last week. Others might think that this request could never come from one of your students; however, I encourage every teacher to use our language to describe music in every lesson.

As you reflect on this year, I encourage you to explore ways to prepare your lessons that will require your students to use technical music terminology in every lesson next year. Giving our students the gift of music literacy is the greatest gift we can give them.

I have always felt that not teaching music reading skills would be like a first grade teacher reading to their class every day instead of teaching them to read on their own. By teaching our students to read a score, we are opening the door to a wonderful world of music for life!

This is who we are and our greatest mission: to bring the joy of making and understanding music to every student!

Patricia Peltz, President