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MEANYC member, Sara Shikowitz, presented ”Recruiting Students into the Choral Classroom” & did a Choral Reading Session at NYU on September 22nd, 2018. Barbara Freedman & Jim Frankel presented “Computers, iPads and Chromebooks. Oh My!” & “Getting The Full Picture: Assessing Your Music Students Online with MusicFirst” on November 3rd, 2018 at NYU.

On “Recruiting Students into the Choral Classroom”

Sara Shikowitz presenting her workshop “Strategies for Recruiting Students into the Choral Classroom.”

On Saturday September 22, 2018 New York City Music Educators gathered for a day full of exciting ideas for building school choirs and a reading session if new and old favorite choral arrangements. Participants walked away with a package of those octavo choral arrangements plus others, and 4 CTLE Credits, for attending the full day workshop. Sponsored by MEANYC (Music Educators Association of New York City) and led by NYC Public School Music Teacher Sara Shikowitz, it was an extremely valuable day for those attending. MEANYC regularly presents a variety of excellent Workshops, delivered by highly qualified practitioners from within and without our school district, throughout every school year. The nominal fees are an astoundingly great value for what is offered. The morning session was jam packed with ideas and resources for building and expanding a school choral program, loaded with ways to encourage administrative and faculty support, full is strategies for community outreach....and more! The afternoon reading session consisted of a blend of Ms. Shikowitz's tried-and-true favorites, and newer works. Her suggestions and commentary provided helpful, useful guidance. After participating in a friendly and open forum, this Music Educator walked out into the warm September sun feeling energized; with some new tools and ideas for building my own choral program, the PS 6 Sidewalk Singers!

by Gloria Winograd

On Our 2 Session Workshop with Barbara Freedman and Jim Frankel

Jim Frankel and Barbara Freedman

The Computer Tech workshop with Jim Frankel and Barbara Freedman was nothing but enlightening to a computer savvy and to the non-technological teacher. Information presented was beneficial in the music classroom as a teaching tool, a creative tool and as an assessment tool. Participants experienced first hand the MusicFirst website having been given access immediately to test drive its content with its founder. While on the other hand, Barbara Freedman noted many interesting technological elements for using equipment and software to compose music. Her book is fantastic, Teaching Music Through Composition in which I purchased at an earlier date, and applied some of the contents already in my teaching. Ms. Freedman discussed some of the elements in her book, but only touched upon the subject as it is in much more detail in her book. I loved how Ms. Freedman stressed creativity and having our students think in terms of creativity. She also noted her teaching experience and how she came upon the path of music technology in the classroom, which was interesting. Her personality as was the same case with Mr. Frankel was welcoming and made the workshop extremely interesting, high content-based and even some miscellaneous basic computer hardware and software suggestions were discussed that many participants overlooked in their computer skills. MEANYC has done a great job bringing a quality workshop with amazing experts on the subject who in return gave participants their money worth and more.

by Stella Tartsinis, DMA

Schools across NY vary, but there is one commonality they all have: the students and how they learn. Years ago we revolved around books. Now it is smart phones, tablets, chromebooks and iPads. If you want to reach today's student, you need to be able to understand and speak their language. MEANYC has observed and listened, and now the teachers have more resources at their disposal.

MEANYC hosted a presentation to help their music teachers not only survive but to thrive. Barbara Freedman, author of Teaching Music Through Composition and Jim Frankel, Director of Music First, came to us with ideas and lessons on ways to improve the classroom and the methods to use to reach today's student. Many of these items presented are available to teachers and their schools either free or subject to a minimum cost.

I for one found this helpful and am already making use of the lessons learned in the classroom. Whether it is the students using their smartphone or using Incredibox I now have an additional resource to reach my students and that is where the learning takes off.
by Lauren & Brian Klasewitz