MEANYC President’s Remarks

Dear Membership,

As we begin another year, it’s easy to fall in to an isolated existence.  We work hard every day preparing quality lessons for our students, give one hundred percent in engaging student learning and are exhausted at the end of every day.  In recharging over the weekend, it’s easy to escape from the routine of our weekday life.  I strongly encourage you to resist this temptation and attend the amazing opportunities that MEANYC offers! 

We have outstanding workshops that leave you thrilled with the tools and take aways that can be used immediately in the classroom.  We have a wonderful time hearing from teachers in the trenches.  This resource of being able to share and brainstorm and yes, even vent your frustrations and find solutions makes such a difference in the weeks that follow.

Our Fall Gathering and Honoree Dinner are events where you can enjoy a relaxed evening with your colleagues.  There is entertainment, fellowship, and resources available for all teachers, whether they’re at the beginning or further along on their educational journey. 

MEANYC offers informal socials periodically in every borough bringing teachers together to share out with the progress of their school year.  Many of the friendships that have begun in an informal setting have resulted in friendships outside of the educational setting. 

In her remarks to me at last year’s honoree dinner, Former Chancellor Fariña encouraged every music teacher to join in unity to promote music education for all NYC students. 

I hope you’ll join us for our events and enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie.  There is no reason to feel isolated and helpless in any situation.  MEANYC is here to offer a community of music educators to provide resources.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s events!


Patricia Peltz, President