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Saturday, January 31, 2015
Building Musical Instruments from Recycled Materials presented by John Bertles 

by Liban O. Gómez 

"I loved and enjoyed the workshop! It was rich in creativity, critical thinking, decision making, and getting feedback from peers."

Music and Dances of South Africa 
presented by Sharon Katz
March 1, 2014

by Dr. Sherrie Pratt, Music Teacher PS 30 M

"I've been teaching for many years, but I continue to come to these wonderful workshops because if I can learn even one new thing, or gain one new idea that I can take back to my students and they get excited and I get excited also, then I shout glory hallelujah!"

MEANYC PD: Dr. James Frankel's "Teaching Music in the Cloud"
February 18, 2014

by Dr. Peris Alban

Having to get up on a Saturday morning the same time as I normally do for school (before the crack of dawn) and braving inevitable subway disruptions and frigid cold temperatures does not make me a happy person. However, I’m glad I did because Dr. James Frankel’s PD presentation on “Teaching Music in the Cloud,” was excellent. The music PD was organized by MEANYC personnel and took place on January 18th, 2014. It was a reunion of sorts since I took Dr. Frankel’s “Music and Technology” class at Teachers College a few years ago, and listening to him present this session brought back fond memories of that course. 

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Jim Frankel Workshop
January 18, 2014

by Michaela Harel

Remember blackboards and textbooks? These old world artifacts still linger nostalgically in many classrooms but, on a gray morning in January, Jim Frankel of MusicFirst hurtled a packed room of educators into a brave new world of music education. 
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by Quinn McClure

On November 16, Dr. Heather Buchanan presented a workshop entitled, “Embodied and Expressive Choral Conducting.”  Dr. Buchanan, professor of music and director of choral activities at Montclair State University in New Jersey, presented three sections in her: body mapping, core balance, and warm-ups/conducting.  Dr. Buchanan’s entire presentation was founded upon science and emphasized the importance of truth.

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“What is the Sound of Young America" presented by Traci Hinton Peterson

by Liban O. Gómez, Music teacher to grades: Pre-K through 2nd at C.S. 66 District 12 in the Bronx

This workshop brought so much light into the discussions regarding Motown. We first started the workshop by having a small discussion by answering multiple questions that we, the participants, came up with about Motown. After that, we saw a small portion of a documentary that provided a small glimpse of what happened behind the scenes that the audience never gets to see often such as rehearsals of the songs and the choreography. 

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"The Modern Band:  Little Kids Rock Workshop"

by Stella Tartsinis, P.S. 79 Queens

The Little Kids Rock workshop on Saturday, January 28th was an eye opener into the world of music education.  This workshop informed us that there is a 5th stream of ensembles:  the Modern Band.  In the workshop, the presenter, Greg Pavliv, clearly explained through a PowerPoint presentation, that the Modern Band (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums) and songwriting is within the reach of all children.  The methodology behind Little Kids Rock was that music should be learned like speaking a language, which is compared to the Suzuki violin method. 

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My Experience at the Vocal Workshop

By Michelle Scher

The NYC Music Teachers Association/UFT together with MEANYC, sponsored the workshop “Stregies for Working with Middle School Voices” presented by Victor V. Bobetsky on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at the NYC UFT Headquarters.   As a former NYC middle School Vocal and Choral Music teacher, Dr. Bobetsky knows the unique challenges of building and maintaining a good choral program in the city.

He focused on the special approach and repertoire needed for middle school students.  The workshop participants, enthusiastically led by Bobetsky on piano, joyfully sang through the choral repertoire provided.  

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Nine Years

by Caroline Duggan, P.S. 59, Bronx

I was excited when I found out that MEANYC/UFT was hosting a workshop with John Jacobson.  I brought the photos I had taken with the children in “America Sings” in the Macy’s Day Parade with John Jacobson from nine years ago along with my photos of The Keltic Dreams and the children I taught to show him how far my journey had come in nine years.  I was so excited to tell him what an inspiration his workshop had been to me throughout all these years.

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"I had a FANTASTIC time meeting you and teaching at the MEANYC event on Saturday. Thank you for having me! And looking forward to seeing you on April 26th at Joe's Pub for a Peace Train concert!"

Sharon Katz


I had an amazing experience at this workshop with the Super Fantastic Sharon Katz :). She inspired me to continue with working on what I started in my home country with the construction of a school and to bring music and knowledge to the people from my hometown. Thank you MEANYC for creating learning opportunities like these!

— Liban O. Gómez

Sharon, I loved the workshop today. Thanks for all the work in putting it together!
— Adam Goldberg
The MEANYC chair people answer every question I have about PD credit, licensing, upcoming workshops...they’re very helpful...thank you!
— Ken Merlino
I learned so much about singing at the Heather Buchanan workshop...she’s amazing...thank you MEANYC!
— Ella Derman
MEANYC provides NYC music teachers with wonderful professional development opportunities.
— John Dillon
I learned so much at the MEANYC world drumming workshop with Jeremy Cohen. I definitely want to take the trip to Ghana!
— Rick Shoor
Thank you Sharon, I had a great time at the workshop, as always. I learned so much and I cannot wait to bring a lot of the information I learned back to my job and to my students. Thank you and MEANYC for providing such wonderful learning opportunities for us (teachers) to continue growing in our field as well as providing the best learning tools accessible to our students.
— Liban O. Gómez
I learn so much from the workshops that MEANYC offers, and never want to miss one.
— Lois Carlisle
Sharon Golub from MEANYC is an Excellent Musician and Music Tutor - She prepared me for The Department of Education Tests for Certification, and with Sharon’s skilled and dedicated instruction, I passed the Content Specialty Section because of Sharon’s knowledge and Concern - I recommend Sharon wholeheartedly and without reservation!
— Bonnie Sholl