MEANYC President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

As I welcome you to a new school year, the acceptance of others through cultural understanding and caring couldn’t be more important. 

   Our organizational purpose uses the terms encourage and cooperate to describe our work.   “The primary focus of the organization is to encourage a cooperative, professional relationship among music educators of New York City.” 

   I would like to invite all members, old and new, to bring these ideals to every interaction.  Reach out to those who feel isolated and disconnected to join us.  Invite new teachers who might be too shy or overwhelmed to join.  Talk to someone new at a Professional Development workshop.  Sometimes, just having a colleague to discuss our unique circumstances with can give encouragement and resources to those struggling.  By helping them, we help their students! 

   You are the ambassadors of our learning community!  The difference you make in every student’s life cannot be underestimated and yet, in many cases, you won’t hear of your impact for years to come, if ever.  Even unspoken, your class is sometimes the only place where children can artistically express themselves.  Through music, we will create a kinder, gentler world! 

   MEANYC offers music festivals for students, professional networking for teachers, information regarding government relations, CTLE workshops, recognition for outstanding colleagues, and a connection to other organizations that support music such as NYSSMA and NAfME. 

As you are developing your plans for this year, I hope you’ll join us as we strive to give our students the best music education possible!



Patricia Peltz