President's Message

As we begin the school year I imagine that uppermost in your mind are the dictates of the new Teacher Evaluation System and the concerns of meeting them. Taken as a whole, it may seem overwhelming. However, a key objective in your personal assessment is to show growth over a period of time. We have 180 days to document our progress and an easy first step in that process is to become a member of your professional associations, local, state and national. For us, that would be MEANYC, NYSSMA and NAfME. It would also be a good idea to join the more specialized organizations like ACDA, ASTA, and NYSBDA for choral, string and band teachers respectively or AOSA and OAKE for those in the elementary classroom. Not only do they provide ongoing instructional resources, but also a network of support with fellow educators. 

The MEANYC board is committed to supporting music educators to meet the new challenges. Already on Sept. 26, we are sponsoring with the UFT, a workshop entitled “The iPAD as Musical Instrument” which not only showcases music-making with the aid of technology, but also the means to insure success for our special education population. Check our calendar of events to find four other workshops on a wide variety of topics. Each workshop offers 2.5-4 hours of workshop credit.

To highlight the musical progress of your students, I encourage you to register them to participate in one of the upcoming festivals. MEANYC holds an All-County Festival for middle school students early in February and in partnership with the DOE, another for high school students in March. Later in May and June, NYSSMA conducts their annual Solo and Ensemble Festivals in each borough and provides extensive feedback for both individuals and groups.

Then, to relieve some stress and to recharge with some fun, many of us enjoyed the annual MEANYC Cocktail Party on Oct. 30 at the Steinway Hall. 

Also, keep your eyes and ears open for the organization of Borough Socials throughout the year when members of the MEANYC Board hope to visit with you in your communities.

I wish you all the best for a successful year and I look forward to meeting many of you at some point. Keep the music going!

Michelle Turner
MEANYC President



Our Purpose

Encourage, develop and increase the effectiveness of music education in New York City;

Encourage a closer cooperative professional relationship among the music educators of New York City;

Offer an opportunity for outstanding school musicians to appear in Festival Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, Stage Bands and other ensembles;

Offer an educational program through regular meetings intended to be of value to members, and other activities to be approved by the organization, its Executive Board or members;

Remain a not-for-profit organization converting all funds available into a program which shall aim to advance music education in new York City;

Cooperate with the New York State School Music Association, and the National Association for Music Educators in their programs; and

Encourage the active support of school administrators, boards of education, community school boards and the general public of New York City in the maintenance and improvement of the place of music education in school curricula.



Upcoming Events

January 18
Teaching Music
in the Cloud;
Jim Frankel, presenter.

February 7-8 
MEANYC All-County
Middle School Festival

More information to come

March 3 
Joe Sugar Day;
Albany, NY

March 7-8
All-County H.S. Festival,
Grand St. Campus H.S., Brooklyn

April 26
Innovative Drum Circles;
Mary Knish, presenter.

Honoree Dinner;
More information to come

May 1
Music and Dances
of South Africa;
Sharon Katz and
The Peace Train, presenter.

Baseball game outing
More information to come